Chain-Link Selection



The Black System is a stylish alternative to the Galvanized System. The black wire and pipe look clean, and almost fall invisible to the eye at a distance. Black Systems are often used when a fence is needed that should not obstruct the view of the surrounding landscape. Used in both commercial and residential applications, The Black System offers the same strength and security as plain galvanized, simply with a vinyl coating. Offered in heights from 48” to 10’ tall, with gates ranging from 3’ wide walk gates to 40’ wide cantilever slide gates.



Galvanized chain link is often the best solution for containment and security needs. Galvanized steel posts and wire come together to make an extremely durable, long lasting, strong perimeter for both commercial and residential applications. When paired with black wire, the Galvanized System is the most cost effective system available. Offered in heights from 4’ to 10’, with gates ranging from 3’ wide walk gates, to 40’ wide cantilever slide gates.

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